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Other attractions


Narrow-gauge Railroad, cruises on lake Wigry, saling, canoeing trips, horses, chaise rides, sleigh rides



Narrow-gauge Railroad



Wigry Narrow-gauge Railroad is a tourist train. The railroad is 10 km long. Its way leads from Płociczno through the southern part of Wigry National Park. Along the railroad, in the most interesting places, by the shore of lake Wigry there are observation towers: Binduga, Powały, Bartny Dół. The train begins and ends its course in Płociczno. During the summer season tourists sit in open cars, during the remaining seasons in roofed and heated cars.

The narrow-gauge train runs everyday from June to August. It leaves at 10.00, 13.00, 16.00 – regardless of the number of tourists, and at 19.00 for minimum 15 tourists. All year round – after reservation – for minimum 15 tourists, hours negotiable. Time of a ride, including stops is 2 hrs. 20 min. After a ride tourists can go to a restaurant and try regional dishes.
On tourists request a train trip can be followed by a horse chaise or a sleigh ride, a banquet with music, a bonfire or a banquet in cars of the train.

Prices of train rides:
Normal ticket: 20 zł
Discount ticket for children under 4: 2 zł
Discount ticket for children under 15: 14 zł
Ticket for carriage of a bike: 8 zł

Entrance tickets to Wigry National Park are also obligatory.
One day entrance ticket: 4 zł
One day discount entrance ticket: 2 zł (pupils and students, pensioners, disabled people, soldiers)
You can buy entrance tickets to the park in the ticket office.

Wigierska Kolejka Wąskotorowa (Wigry Narrow-gauge Railroad)
Płociczno Tartak 40, 16-402 Suwałki
tel./fax (+87) 5639263, 603165390





Cruises on lake Wigry



Kameduła” ship’s cruises on lake Wigry take place from May to October (in 2010 - from June). Main wharf is by a pier near the monastery in Wigry. Regular cruises take place every day at 10.00, 11.30,13.00, 14.30, 16.00. The ship can take up to 34 people. The cruise lasts 1 hour 10 minutes.

Tickets: 20 zł, discount ticket: 15 zł (children under 14), children under 5 free of charge.

Reservation and detailed information:, tel.: 606 387 611; 87 563 70 10









Water tourism is allowed on 8 lakes, from which lake Wigry is suitable for sailing. It is an ideal place for smaller sailing boats. Silence, natural landscape and still relatively small number of boats make the lake attractive for sailors. The lake has an interesting shape and diverse coastline. Changeable winds and numerous shallows can constitute difficulty for some sailors. Regatta for the WNP Director’s Cup, For the Wigry’s Blue Band and other has been organized on lake Wigry for many years.

Rules of sailing on lake Wigry

Sailing is permitted from 1st June to 31st August on lakes: Wigry, Pierty and Postaw, Leszczewek, Omułówek, Mulaczysko, Czarne near Bryzgiel, Czarne near Gawrych Ruda. Staying on waters in permitted from sunrise to sunset, except for crews of cabin yachts mooring during nights in designated places.
Rules of staying and practicing tourism in the area of the park’s water bodies are determined as follows:
a) using internal-combustion engines is forbidden;
b) sailing in areas overgrown by water plants (reeds and plants with floating leaves) is forbidden;
c) on lake Wigry crossing the line of 20 meters from the border of water plants (reeds) zone is forbidden on a stretch from estuary of Czarna Hańcza in the Hańczańska bay to the Łysocha peninsula. From June 14 crossing the line of 20 meters from the border of water plants (reeds) zone is forbidden around islands Ordów, Ostrów, Krowa, Brzozowych and Kamień and along the southern shore of lake Wigry from the promontory on the inlet between Krowa and the shore to the Jastrzębia bay.
d) mooring of boats is allowed only by existing moors and lake shores not covered with plants and available for fishing;

PTTK branch Suwalki
ul. Kościuszki 37, 16-400 Suwałki
tel. (+87) 5665961

Yachts’ charters on lake Wigry:
The offered yachts are private boats, well maintained and fully equipped.
We offer wooden omegas (5 people plus steersman): 80 zł/day, cabin yachts (3 to 5 people plus steersman): 200 zł/day.
To charter a boat you need to have an inland skipper's certificate of competence.
Animals are not allowed.

There is also a possibility of organizing cruises on lake Wigry (then we provide a steerman).

Prices of one-day cruises:
Wooden omega (5 people): 100 zł
Cabin yacht (3-5 people): 200 zł
Trainer (10 people): 2500 zł
The price includes:
-    accident insurance
-    charter of a sailing boat
Hańcza Water Club
Stary Folwark 31
tel (+87) 5662874, 5663350, 603745301

charter of an Omega sailing boat – 1 hr. 15 zł, 1 day 70 zł
yacht KECZ “Flkores” – 150 zł/day, 170zł/day (with an ecological wc)

Marek Taraszkiewicz
ul. Noniewicza 38C/84
16-400 Suwałki
tel. (+87) 5663404, 604061479

Cabin yachts charter:
Omega – 90zł / day (6 people)
Giga – 140zł / day (6 people)
Sasanka 180zł/ day (6 people)

To charter a boat you need to have an inland skipper's certificate of competence.