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Tourist Information Centre assembles licensed guides (Wigry National Park’s workers) entitled to work in the Podlaskie Voivodship. We organize professional guided tours around Wigry National Park, the region of Suwalszczyzna and the whole Podlaskie Voivodship as well. We offer guiding services in Polish, English and German. Most of our guides have higher education. We are open and can adapt our offer to tourists’ expectations. The guides work all year round from sunrise to sunset. We realize tours from 2 hours to several days long.
Guiding services reservation: Tourist Information Centre of Wigry National Park 82, 16-402 Suwałki, Poland, tel: 0/87-5632562, 0/87-5632577, 510992672, e-mail: opening hours: 7.00-15.00

Prices of guiding services:

Guiding Services In Wigry National Park (including VAT 23%)
One hour in Polish (min. 2 hrs.) – up to 30 people 45 zł
One hour in Polish (min. 2 hrs.) – over 30 people 62 zł
One hour in a foreign language (min. 2 hrs.) – up to 30 people 55 zł
One hour in a foreign language (min. 2 hrs.) – over 30 people 74 zł

We issue VAT invoices.

Our proposals of interesting tours around the park and the region of Suwalszczyzna

1.    Natural and cultural trip around Wigry National Park
(car and walking or bicycle trip). Meeting with a guide in Tourist Information Centre in the village of Krzywe. Multimedia presentation about the park, seeing of two exhibitions: natural “By lake Wigry” and ethnographic “Save from Sinking into Oblivion”, walking along the “Forest” or “Suchary” educational trail, drive to the village of Stary Folwark, climbing onto the viewing tower, seeing the Wigry Museum, drive to the village of Wigry and seeing the Camaldolese monastery (the viewing tower, the crypts, the pope’s apartments, the church), seeing the fishing exhibition in Czerwony Folwark. The whole trip lasts about 6 hours. There is a possibility of seeing only some chosen places. (acc. to Barbara Perkowska)
2.    Historic and scenic tour: Suwałki – Suwałki Scenic Park (car and walking trip). Meeting with a guide in Suwalki, in The Constitution of May 3 Park. Walk around the park, short presentation of the town’s history: famous persons, the role of Congregation of Monk Hermits of Camaldoli in the history of the area, the St. Alexander’s cathedral; drive along the mains street with presentation of the most important monuments and places. Departure to Suwalki Scenic Park, seeing the park:
•    “Góra Cisowa” (“Yew Hill”) in Gulbieniszki
•    The village of Smolniki and a beauty spot “U Pana Tadeusza”
•    The village of Stara Hańcza with ruins of an estate and an estate’s park, lake Hańcza, estuary of the Czarna Hańcza river to lake Hańcza
•    The village of Błaskowizna, Turtul Esker, Bachanowo erratic boulder field
•    Turtul – Suwalki Scenic Park headquarters
•    “Góra Zamkowa” (“Castle Hill”) – an old Yotvingian stronghold
The whole trip lasts about 5-6 hours (acc. to Adam Januszewicz)

3.    Trip: “Nature and history of Polish-Lithuanian border”
Meeting with a guide in Sejny and sightseeing: The Basilica, The Dominican Monastery, The White Synagogue; history of Lithuanian, Polish, German and Jewish settlement, short walk along the town’s streets, seeing of the Sejny Region Museum, history of the Polish-Lithuanian conflict over affiliation of the Sejny area in the years 1919-1920, the interwar period, Sejny in the present day. Drive to Lazdijai (Lithuania), drive through the town, history of the place and its connections with Sejny, routes of old roads in the region. Next Rodamina: seeing of the castle hill and the two nearby Yotvingian strongholds, view of the area, geomorphology of the terrain, history of the settlement, pagan Balts’ beliefs and customs, role of the town in the region in the early Middle Ages. Drive in the direction of Kalvaria to Simnas: landscape of the valleys of the rivers: Szeszupa and Krisna near Sestokai, forming of landscape during the last glaciation. Simnas: history of the place, seeing of the oldest church in Dzukija and well preserved urban structure of the town. Lake Dusia: panorama of the biggest lake in the region: Dukia and lake Metelys, nature of the Zuwnitas reserve and Meteliai Regional Park. Seirijai: a short walk around the town, history of the place, Lithuanian Protestants. Lejpalingis: drive through the town, the river Seiry valley. Merkinie: panorama of the valleys of the rivers: Niemen and Merkys from the castle hill, history of the settlement, directions of the Teutonic Knights’ expansion in Lithuania, sightseeing the town centre. Liskiava: seeing of the two strongholds by the Niemen valley, ruins of a stony castle tower, panorama of the Niemen valley in the area of Druskienniki, seeing The Dominican Monastery and Church, importance of the place in the history of Lithuania. Kapciamiestis: a walk around the town, Emilia Plater’s memorabilia, history of the town. Weisiejai: sightseeing of the town centre and the old palace park by lake Ancia, history of the town, nature and geomorphology of Veisiejų Regional Park. Return to Sejny through Lazdijai. (acc. to: Zdzisław Zaborowski).
4.    Historic and landscape trip “Traces of Yotvingians” (bicycle or car and walking trip). Meeting with a guide in Krzywe, drive through Suwalki to Suwalki ScenicPark, walk on the Castle Hill near Szurpiły, history of Yotvingians, drive to the village of Szwajcaria – the biggest Yotvingian burial ground in the region. Drive to the Castle Hill in the village of Osinki. Next drive through the village of Okuniowiec an northern part of Wigry National Park to the village of Wigry. Seeing of the Camaldolese monastery complex. The tour lasts about 6-8 hours (acc. to: Józef Koncewicz)

We cordially invite schools, travel agencies and other tourism entities to cooperate with us.