Entrance tickets – payment by transfer


Tourists visiting WigryNational Park are obliged to have an entrance ticket to the park. Income from the sold tickets is spent on touristic infrastructure and nature conservation.*


With the ENTRANCE TICKET you can:

  • See the park’s exhibitions: natural “On Lake Wigry”, ethnographic “Save from Sinking into Oblivion” in Krzywe and “History and Traditions of Fishing on LakeWigry” in Czerwony Folwark

  • Walk along the educational paths and all the walking and bicycle trails

  • Sail and kayak on lakes: Wigry, Pierty, Postaw, Leszczewek, Omułówek, Mulaczysko, Czarne near Bryzgiel, Czarne near Gawrych Ruda and the Czarna Hańcza river.

  • Use the 14 seeing towers and all the touristic facilities in the Park

Director of Wigry National Park


There is a possibility of paying for an entrance ticket by money transfer to WNP’s  bank account.


Required data: First Name, Last Name, address, type of ticket, date of the stay in the park


Types of tickets:

  • 1 day discount ticket: price 2 PLN (Amount, Value)

  • 1 day full-price ticket: price 4 PLN (Amount, Value)

  • One-week discount ticket: price 7,5 PLN (Amount, Value)

  • One-week full-price ticket: price 15 PLN (Amount, Value)

  • Two-week discount ticket: price 10 PLN (Amount, Value)

  • Two-week full-price ticket: price 20 PLN (Amount, Value) 


Account for payments from Poland:

Wigierski Park Narodowy
16-402 Suwałki , Krzywe 82
NIP 844-23-49-809
account No: 82 1130 1059 0017 3397 6820 0001


from abroad:

IBAN PL 82 1130 1059 0017 3397 6820 0001



Keep the transfer receipt, you will need it instead of traditional ticket.


Those who want to have a souvenir entrance ticket can get it in our Tourist Information Centre (Krzywe 82, tel. 510992672, 87-5632562) after showing the transfer receipt.


* On the basis of Nature Conservation Act from April 16, 2004 and the Minister’s of Environment order from May 18, 2005