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Special issue

of "WIGRY"





Wojciech Misiukiewicz




European beaver Castor fiber. Phot. W. Misiukiewicz





The original form of forests, as well as riches of waters, make the world of animals in the Wigry National Park really varied. Thanks to 19 years of functioning of the Hydrobiologocal Station in Stary Folwark, we have deep knowledge about the state of water ecosystems in the inter-war period. The knowledge of fauna has been widened by results of research conducted by workers of the Forest Research Institute and thanks to activities of the Wigry National Park.



European Green Toad (Bufo viridis). 
Phot. L. Krzysztofiak














The world of birds is rich too. The state of knowledge about bird species, both the breeding (nesting) and visitant ones, grows every year. Until 1989, within present boundaries of the Park 184 bird species had been found, in this, 155 the  breeding ones. Research and field observation conducted during the last 15 years have extended this list. The occurrence of 205 bird species has been found, in  this, 191 protected ones. Among 48 mammal species occurring in the Park, 26 are under protection. Only the European beaver is under partial protection, the  remaining species are under strict protection.


Great Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus).
Phot. W. Misiukiewicz



Despite the fact that at present the world of vertebrate fauna of the Park is relatively well recognized, it is still an excellent material for research and observation.




In 1989, the occurrence of 25 species of fish in the waters of the WNP has been recorded. The research conducted in consecutive years confirmed the occurrence of seven other species. Among the fish found in the park’s waters there are rare species, and even some in danger of extinction. Out of 18 species of amphibians found in Poland the area of the Park is inhabited by 12. Pursuant to provisions of law of 16 April, 2004 concerning nature conservation, all species of  amphibians and reptiles are under strict protection. In 1989 five species of  reptiles were found in the Park. The changes which had taken place in the  environment caused the extinction of the turtle.








Herd of wild boars (Sus scrofa). Phot. W. Misiukiewicz






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